Ireland 59 - 16 Italy
England 12 - 6 Wales
Scotland 32 - 26 France

Another exciting weekend of rugby there do not appear to be two many surprises. The Welsh put up a brave fight but look like they were undone by a weak TMO call. The Scottish did exactly what the bookies thought they would - win by 6 points. The Irish won but suffered a serious injury to Robbie Henshaw.

The highlight for me, for a second week in a row, was Teddy Thomas’s try. The speed he gets to within one step after receiving the ball made it look like the defending Scot was standing still. The finish equaled the skill shown in his try against Ireland. And he picked up a second try this week. The bounce of the ball made this look a bit lucky, and he could probably have passed rather than chiped, but in the lead up he showed a real attacking flair. Much to come in future years from this lad.

It’s hard not to feel completely depressed, however, because of the injuries to two key Leinster and Ireland players. Furlong and Henshaw, the latter looking like he will be missing for an extended period, are two core players. It looks like Tadhg will recover in time for the next game, but it was worrying time waiting for the medical report. Henshaw is out of the competition and doubtful for the rest of the season.

It’s not that there are not players to fill the positions, Chris Farrell, Rory Scannell and Stuart McCloskey spring to mind; we have decent depth. It’s more that Henshaw is central to everything that this Ireland team do. Solid as a wall in defence, clinical in attach and lending his fair share of turnovers, he will be sorely missed.